Crisis Management

Are you or your loved one in crisis? This could include serious safety concerns, abuse, or self-neglect. Perhaps care is needed urgently in order to maintain independence. Let us help! We are experts in assessing and managing crisis situations.*

How can we help?

1. We will obtain some information by phone and arrange a time to meet with the individual.

2. We will assess the situation and arrange for services in the home ASAP.

3. If it is determined that the individual should relocate, this will happen as soon as possible. Note that sometimes a temporary relocation must occur before a more permanent solution can be implemented.

4. We will first address the issue at hand and develop a plan for the short-term, then work on a long-term plan.


* We are not medical personnel. We can arrange for outpatient medical care if needed, however, if you or your loved one needs urgent medical attention, please call 911.